Saturday, July 28, 2012

Buena Actitud

Mariposa, Natalia killing it on the field at practice today. We had practice at Malicon, the field near the lake again. Played round robin games and as always so far the girls had a great time. On the Mariposas we have a bit of a problem with girls that have been with the program for some time who are slightly unwelcoming to new girls or girls that aren't as skilled as them. There is a group of the Mariposas that have deemed themselves "las buenas" and the other girls are "las malas." So our goal as leaders is to break down this barrier and emphasize the importance of being a part of a team which means treating each other as equals. It's a struggle when some girls have the worst attitudes about playing with girls who are still learning. Their hearts are secretly soft because they obviously love to play and continue come to every activity. It seems to be a competitive front, but can't compete on a team! Wish us luck.