Tuesday, August 14, 2012

La Amistad

Tonight was by far the best activity we have had yet. Each part of the activity went smoothly, every girl participated, had fun and did not fight with one another. Our theme for the week is amistad, friendship. We asked the girls questions like, Encuentra alguien en el mismo grado, find someone in the same grade, they then ran around and found someone in the same grade and grouped up. They loved it and we loved it because it naturally created a space where all the girls had to talk to each other and work together to find someone with a commonality. We had them do a rompecabeza, puzzle, the one the we did was where you are in a group and your hands are twisted together and you have to figure out how to get untangled. And lastly all the pictures of the girls are them with their drawings for a companera, teammate, we gave them the name of someone so no one was left out, everyone got an awesome picture from someone and they all went home :) a total success!