Thursday, August 23, 2012

Representing their team

Yesterday, (left to right) Natalia, Mariangles, Alejandra, Chilo and Jalissa joined Cesar, Hassell and I to go to a school visit at a private school called Tresiano. The school was very nice and the students were very well behaved. We went there to invite girls to come to the program and the Mariposas came along to represent their team. We had them share their favorite part about coming to FSF and with probing questions from their coaches we found out that they weren't friends before the program but because they came to FSF they had an opportunity to meet new girls and have fun. These five girls are part of the core Mariposa team who come on a regular basis and truly benefit from the program. They were able to come with us because they go to school in the morning, you either go at 7am or 1pm here, there's no full days. It's harder for the girls who go to school in the afternoon to get to activity on time because school gets out at 5:30pm right when programing starts. It's tricky because of daylight too, we could start later but because it gets dark a lot of parents won't let the girls come because they live in dangerous neighborhood and don't want their girls walking home alone. It was a really special afternoon to have the girls come with us and show other girls in the community how special the program is to them.