Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Veteranas Brigade

Last Sunday was the Veteranas first game against a team from Katerina, a town just 30 mins outside of Granada. Even though it was 30 mins away, the game was only an hour but it was a whole day, 6 hour event. The girls came to Tres Pisos at 11 to get their uniforms, get ready etc. But the thing is, around 18 girls showed up most of which I've never met before, who'd never went to practice but wanted to play. The girls all needed lunch before and because of some miscommunication the lunch we had planned on having didn't show up. It was around 12:30 by the point, game was at 2. We all scrambled to the market to get food, got on a bus to Katerina by 1:15. The bus was PACKED, like can't move packed and it took way longer than half an hour to get to Katerina. We finally arrive only to find that we have a 20 min walk to the field...make that 30, Nicas walk slow ;) It's now 2:20 and game was supposed to start at 2. We had to wait around a little for the referee and the opposing team only had 7 girls. The ref showed up and told us that he would only let us play 15 min halves (there was a men's game after ours) but Larkin convinced him to let us play 30 min halves because we had come so far. We ended up play 11 vs. 7, we should have dominated, but we won 2:1. What made the day the best was all the traveling and non-sense of the day, that we didn't get home until 6:30 but the most redeemable part about this country is that things might move slow or happen in weird ways but everything ALWAYS pans out.