Monday, October 8, 2012

Day of the Girl

This past week I was asked by the greater Soccer Without Borders director asked me to film some short clips of a couple girls to represent Granada in celebrating the Day of the Girl. The day of the girl is a United Nations event that promotes a celebration of girls, they're accomplishments, dreams and lives. It also is a way to change the way of thinking about girls surrounding their opportunities being females and how girls are treated across the globe. It was an honor to get to film Julia, one of my Mariposas who is not only adorable but is very proud to be a girl and loves the game of soccer. You can watch her short interview with me here, apologies for it being in Spanish, I'm not too skilled with iMovie but I think in her smile it tells you everything. It's a blessing to work with girls like Julia who love to laugh and always have a great attitude. I love that Soccer Without Borders works hard to be connected to events around the World like Day of the Girl. I've learned that as much as soccer is in the name of this organization it has so little to with soccer but more about loving on these girls and creating opportunities for the girls to grow and learn in a space where there are loving, kind and patient people to invest in their lives. I'm daily amazed and humbled by girls like Julia because she lives with her two sisters and their parents had to leave them in Nicaragua in order to work in Costa Rica. While at times the pain of this comes up in conversations with her, she does an incredible of maintaining a positive attitude and enjoys coming to Futbol Sin Fronteras, nearly perfect attendance! You can read more about the day of the girl here and celebrate with us all of the awesome girls that are apart of Granada's community.