Saturday, July 28, 2012

Steal the Bacon

Friday nights is mini soccer practice for the Mariposas. Hassell is on the Veteranas team so last night I had to start out practice alone. It was great to have an opportunity with the girls on my own, to get to know them and to facilitate activities in Spanish. It's normally easy to rely on Cesar or Hassell to explain things since my Spanish is rusty, getting better though! The girls taught me a name game called chocolate...basically you hold hands in a circle, say "uno, dos, tres, quien chocolate" then call out someones name and they jump forward to try and step on another girls foot. If you get someone they're "muerto" dead and they're out. For the remainder of the time we played steal the bacon, they go nuts over this, so much loud screaming! We had about 20 girls show up which is a great turnout for the Mariposas.