Friday, August 10, 2012

Rainy Season

Right now in Granada it's just like home, rainy, rainy but still incredibly hot. Can't say it's comfortable. But Tuesday was incredible, we had practice at Multi-Estadios with the Veteranas and mid way through our scrimmage it started full on down pouring. Most of the Nica girls ran for cover under the dug out, but Mary (the jefa), Kelly and I along with three Nica girls kept playing and were soaked. God's presence was so strong in that moment, it was no doubt that we all felt so alive to be laughing and playing soaking wet. We didn't have water in our house that day, so it was a refreshing way to get a "shower." The picture above is the river that was knee deep that we had to hop through to get home. On a normal day it is a trash stream but this particular day it was a gushy trash disaster and to top it off Kelly had a worm slip into her shoe...not to mention itchy legs.