Thursday, September 20, 2012

American Nicaraguan School

Yesterday Kelly, Larkin and I made a trip to Managua on a hot, sticky bus. It was nice to leave Granada for a bit and see what Managua is like since the only time I'd been there was when arrived at the airport and it was dark out. I decided after the 45 min ride that I was in California, most likely on an LA freeway. There was a Burger King, TGIF Fridays (Gracias a Dios es Viernes!:), Dominoes, Quiznos and a whole lotta billboards with advertisements that are not applicable to most Granada families lifestyles. We went there on a mission, to get Dr. Gloria Doll, the American Nicaraguan school's director, to say YES to letting us hold our Global Peace Games at their school. As you can see their fields are amazing, beautiful and probably don't have crazy fire ants that bite you. Just some backstory, I started contacting ANS about a month ago, phone calls, emails, pretty much day and night. The adminstrative office continued to tell me that Dr. Doll was in a meeting, that they had my emails and phone number and not to worry, they would get back to me. LIES. They never got back to me and Larkin, decided that we couldn't be nice anymore so she called, said Gloria gave us the go ahead and that we were meeting with the Athletic Director, Oswaldo Ortiz. We did just that and made some serious headway. It looks like we actually might be holding our games at ANS and hearing that is a total sigh of relief. Our girls are expecting a trip to Managua this season, whenever we mention Managua their eyes light up. It is going to be so fun to travel with them and their families and get to see my Mariposas actually play against another team! There are still a lot of hoops to jump through until it's actually confirmed that we will be having a tournament on November 11th because Dr. Doll hasn't really given us the go ahead...but I'm beginning to think that maybe Dr. Doll doesn't exist. But if we keep saying we are going to do it, we will. WE'RE PLAYING IN MANAGUA!!! Wish us luck.