Monday, March 11, 2013

Joy, joy, joy

Here's maybe the only picture I took from all the magic that happened this past week. So I'll just have to tell you about it instead. This was our first (and maybe only) Mariposa Junior game. It was awesome to see our girls be excited and nervous to play and that every field was occupied with FSF teams. Even more special of a moment was when our girl Andy scored the only goal of the game and watching all the Mariposa Juniors run and up cheering and screaming for her. 

The week though in general was incredible. It was the week of celebrating FSF's 5 year mark in Granada. Several past interns came down and people who started FSF, the people who went door to door, school to school to start the wonderful program that FSF offers see all them was like spending time with family. Each person has such a special story of their connection to Nicaragua and this community. And I found such peace spending time with all of them. 

On Saturday we had our final event with the girls, a mother, daughter event at a local school called Carlos A. Bravo. It was such a surprise to see many of the girls mom's enough to make me wish my mom was there! I think what made it most incredible is the music literally blasting though the courtyard of this school and all the dancing! Woo, my girls have moves! More and more things that happen in my daily life here make me want to stay longer, the culture, friendship, community, the way people are so welcoming here. This is a once in a lifetime experience and I know that where ever I end up next, Nicaragua will always have a huge place in my heart.

Other than this, I look forward to my next four months moving in with a different Nicaraguan family, to dive deeper into the community and really focus on the girls and the program goals. I hope to leave Nicaragua filling up the people the way they have filled up my heart! I also applied to grad school for social work at the University of Washington. Please pray for this and for the next steps in life I'm taking. Miss and think about all those who are listening and supporting.