Monday, May 20, 2013

Spanish slip-ups

Among the many mistakes that I’ve made in Spanish this one by far was the funniest experience I’ve had mixing up/ mispronunciation of words. As a part of FSF’s effort to recruit girls to come to the program we’ve spent hours going into schools and running gym classes. One morning we were at Instituto, a secondary public school, running a gym class for some girls probably ages 14-17. We did a little warm up and then were doing some stretching exercises. We normally do stretches, popcorn style, so whenever someone has an idea they run to the middle and lead the stretch. I had one and ran to the middle to lead a neck roll stretch. The word for neck is cuello (quwayyo) but as I went to say cuello I began to say the word for butthole, culo (coolo). I didn’t say the whole word but everyone knew where the word was going and busted up laughing. Nicaragua has definitely taught me to relax and laugh at myself because a lot of times things in life are pretty funny.