Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dance, Dance, Dance

So, I'll be honest Nicaragua is the kind of place that makes you want to dance...ALL THE TIME. Like I said in my post about Nica Buses, they're also bumping music. Go to the market, bumping, walking down the street to your house, someone jamming, grabbing some minutes for your phone, they got speakers, too. It gets to the point where I'll be walking in town telling myself "don't you dare start dancing in the middle of the street." The alternative is that I walk to the beat with some pep in my step.

It's no wonder my little mariposas can tear UP on the dance floor. It's in their blood. I unfortunately didn't get the full force of the latina, dancing genes that I wish I had. Luckily, my girls have showed me how to shake my hips, remember they are all around 9 yrs old! Many of my favorite memories include lots of dancing. I've never seen children be able to shake like kids do here, it's makes me so happy, it's entertaining and a good laugh sometimes, too. I mean, these kids pause between hitting piƱatas to drop low...too much!

The fondest memory of all was when the girls choreographed their very own folklore dances, the more age- appropriate dancing I've seen from them and of course, beautiful. All dressed up, flowers in their hair and lots of uniquely designed dresses twirling around. I often reminisce on the memories where the girls have taught me something new, like dancing but really what a blessing to be a country that is proud of their culture and are excited to share every traditional...and suddenly you are a part of this incredible community that changes your whole perspective on life. One of which is that we should dance, everywhere, anytime.