Thursday, May 23, 2013

Big gols, little people

During my second half of my internship we split the mariposa team into two, the mariposa juniors and the mariposa seniors. Hassell and I lead the juniors and we have an awesome little team that consists of 15 girls. We have a wonderful time with them always, as they are respectful, good listeners and come ready and excited for what we have prepared for them. The unfortunate thing about our little girls is that there isn’t much competition in Granada and games for them are few and far between. Finding teams for them to play is an on-going process and I imagine that one day there will be a soccer league that resembles that of the clubs in the U.S. all with good time. 

Luckily one day we were able to play a group of girls from a local school on a Saturday. It was the first time the girls got to gear up in their black and white uniforms and play girls other than themselves. We won the game with the winning goal scored by one of my favorite girls, Andy. The girls have learned what good passing looks and feels like and the ball ended up in all the right places to score the goal. I’ve never seen such an awesome victory celebration, all the girls ran up to Andy cheering, screaming and hugging. Their excitement for all things has showed me that even the little scores in life need to be celebrated in big ways.