Monday, December 10, 2012

Coming home

It unbelievable that 5 1/2 months have flew by and I'm heading home tomorrow morning. It's a sweet feeling, even though somehow I'm a little nervous at the same time. I've become so adjusted to living here in Nicaragua, to drinking sugary drinks out of plastic bags, eating food my fingers out of banana leaves to walking down the street knowing that I wouldn't be in Nicaragua without someone saying "Adios, mi amor" or "I love you." Let's just say I'm used to its quirks and I feel like going home tomorrow will be sort of a shock, like going into the're gonna tell me I can't walk two doors down and get a coke? Or that goats won't be aimlessly walking around? AND I won't be sweating profusely all day? It's going to be unreal. I had a chance today to say good-bye to some of my girls and gather up some recipes for the dinner I will be putting on while I'm home and ran around sweating per usual. It's incredible what you can become adjusted to if you just put your mind to it and as I'm preparing to go home I'm reflecting on what I've learned, how I've grown, who has touched my heart and who I hope I've reached. And above all praising the Lord for guiding me and helping me through this experience...I'd be lying if it weren't tear free! I'm so blessed that I'm able to be here and to be coming back in January, it's such an invaluable experience that I think will shape the rest of my life. Sometimes I think I need these girls more than they need me, they've taught me so much about my strengths and weaknesses and have loved on me beyond measure. I do believe that youth development is my passion and continue to reflect on my initial reasoning for wanting to be an intern for the program...I previously worked with immigrant and refugee kids in Seattle and when I return in June from Nicaragua I would like to continue that work. I chose to apply to Soccer Without Borders so I could develop an understanding of Latin American culture and how youth may feel immigrating to the U.S. So far my research shows that it would be there scariest thing ever! But I want this time in Nicaragua to be useful and in that I want to help youth and their families transition into U.S. life. This may mean more school for me, possibly social work, possibly starting a international social work non-profit in the future. Who knows, but as I go home, I'm listening to what God is putting on my heart no matter how frightening it may seem. Pray for safe travels tomorrow!
Kelly, I'll never forget our first phone call and how awkward it felt. I'm so glad that you are an awesome person and we can have normal conversations now :) haha. You've been such a blessing to have as a co-intern and friend, helping me through hard situations, encouraging me when I didn't always understand and just in general you are an amazing person to work with. Can't wait till we come back and crush again! Love you girl!
Hassell, eres mi amiga mejor de Nicaragua. No pude hacer las cosas que hacemos sin tú y no puedo esperar por enero y hacerlo de nuevo :) Siempre estabas aquí para ayudarme con español (y todavía necesito aprender más hehe), también eres una buena persona, un líder increíble y una inspiración en mi vida. ¡Te quiero mucho mi amiga!
Larkin, You need to know that we couldn't have finished this season without you. You are an amazing director, leader and person. I'm so excited that I get to work with you again, to soak up your ideas, your energy and general awesomeness. Thank you so much for your help, encouragement and for making this program stay happening. Like I said to Kelly can't wait to crush with you all over again! Love ya!
Cesar, gracias por todo tu ayuda en esta temporada. No pude hacer muchas cosas sin tú y espero qué trabajamos juntos de nuevo en enero..sería una temporada buenísima. Eres chistoso, amable y fuerte. Nos vemos pronto hombre :)
A las mariposas...son chicas amables, increíbles y pueden hacer cualquier cosa quisieren. Recuerden que son bonitas, son listas son futbolistas y son mujeres y por eso el mundo es suyas. Estoy orgulloso a decir que soy sus líder y estoy muy emocionada para regresar de nuevo en Enero para jugar, dar abrazos y sonríe porque están en mi vida.